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The First Post

My marketing advisor has convinced me to start a Chinese Medicine blog. Oddly enough, the goal of this blog is not to create insightful and meaningful content. Rather, the goal is to regularly use “key words” that will be picked up by Google’s algorithm to increase the online visibility of my website. I guess that’s business in the modern world. 🤷‍♂️

But as long I have to write, we might as well have some fun with it. 😁 I don’t know who would spend their time reading this blog. (besides my mother…) But, if you’re the rare person who finds acupuncture and Chinese Medicine content interesting, I’ll try my best to make this a an enjoyable read. The first promise of this blog is to avoid hackneyed clickbait posts like

“10 things you didn’t know acupuncture could cure!”

“3 Stories about healing back pain and why you should come to our clinic and give us money!”

“5 Herbs you must know for regulating menstrual cycles!”

Instead, I'll just write about whatever seems interesting and helpful to share. Who knows what we'll get into?

And oh yes, SEO Keywords: Sciatica, Headaches, Back Pain, Cured, Acupuncture… I think that covers it.

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