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Our pain management services are designed to address a wide range of conditions, including sciatica, herniated disc (both lumbar and cervical), back pain, neck pain (with or without radiation down the arms), frozen shoulder/rotator cuff injuries, knee pain (related to arthritis and tendonitis), and wrist and ankle injuries. We also specialize in the management of facial nerve pain, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues, shingles-related pain, and fibromyalgia. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing effective pain relief and improving your quality of life, tailored to your specific needs and condition.



Sciatica FAQs

  • Is Sciatica treatable with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine? Yes, Sciatica is highly treatable with our methods.

  • What kind of relief can I expect? Around 90% of our patients experience measurable relief after the first treatment. Approximately 40% find themselves pain-free within just three sessions, while the remaining 60% see significant improvements in 12-24 treatments.

  • What if other treatments like cortisone shots haven't worked for me? Even if you've tried other treatments without success, we encourage you to visit our clinic for acupuncture, which has shown remarkable results in treating Sciatica.


Back Pain FAQs

  • What are the common areas of back pain you treat? We typically address three main areas: lower back and SI joint, midback and shoulder blades, and the neck and trapezius muscles.

  • How does acupuncture approach back pain differently? Rather than simply loosening tight muscles, we assess and address the root causes, often involving complementary muscles that need strengthening. Acupuncture offers techniques to both strengthen and relax muscles, bringing lasting relief.

  • How many treatments are needed? Depending on the severity of the condition, expect 6-24 treatments for lasting relief. Combining Chinese Herbal Medicine can lead to faster and more cost-effective results.


Frozen Shoulder FAQs

  • Can you share a remarkable case involving Frozen Shoulder treatment? Absolutely. A patient with limited mobility due to a frozen shoulder was able to regain almost full movement after a unique acupuncture treatment. This incredible result left the patient and her family in sheer disbelief and delight. Such success stories are not uncommon.

  • What can patients expect in terms of results? Frozen Shoulder treatment typically involves multiple sessions. It goes through three stages: Frozen shoulder ➔ Painful shoulder ➔ Normal shoulder. Discomfort may be experienced as your arm explores new angles during the process, but it gradually diminishes with ongoing treatment. Expect noticeable improvements in 6-24 sessions.


Wrist and Ankle Injury FAQs

  • Can acute wrist and ankle sprains be effectively treated with acupuncture? Yes, acute sprains can often be quickly resolved with acupuncture and herbal plasters.

  • What about chronic injuries? Chronic injuries are more challenging but can still benefit from acupuncture. For instance, in my case, a wrist injury that had persisted for over a decade was significantly improved with about 25 treatments, allowing me to do push-ups again. However, results vary, and not all cases see complete recovery. If you're dealing with chronic wrist or ankle pain, it's definitely worth a try.



  • Is Acupuncture effective for TMJ and teeth grinding? Yes, we use acupuncture to relax facial muscles, reduce stress, and often provide herbal medicine for stress management. However, it's crucial to address lifestyle changes and emotional management to prevent further stress-related injury and recurrence of the condition.


Fibromyalgia FAQs

  • Is Fibromyalgia treatable with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine? Yes, Fibromyalgia, which often has multiple contributing factors, can be effectively addressed with Chinese Medicine. It offers a unique diagnostic system that identifies patterns of dysfunction that might be overlooked by conventional exams.

  • What treatments are used for Fibromyalgia? We employ a combination of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for this condition. The number of treatments required typically ranges from 12 to 50, depending on the specific case.


Herniated Discs FAQs

  • Is it true that a herniated disc always causes pain? Not necessarily. Many people have herniated discs without experiencing pain.

  • What kind of relief can I expect from Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine? Approximately 80% of patients with pain from a herniated disc find relief through our treatments. Depending on the case, expect lasting relief in 6-24 treatments, with some exceptions.


Neck Pain FAQs

  • What are the common patterns of neck pain you treat? We address two main patterns: pain on the back of the neck, triggered by looking up or down, and pain on the side of the neck and trapezius muscle when looking right or left.

  • How effective is acupuncture for treating neck pain? Acupuncture is highly effective, and most patients experience significant relief after the first treatment. Full recovery usually occurs within 6-12 treatments.

  • What if there's radiating nerve pain or numbness in the arms? If you experience radiating nerve pain or numbness down the arms, it suggests a nerve impingement in the neck. We treat it the same way and may follow up with traction and postural practice for effective results.


Knee Pain (Arthritis and Tendonitis) FAQs

  • What types of patients with knee pain do you typically see? We commonly treat two types: young athletes with strained tendons and older individuals with cartilage loss and stair-related challenges.

  • How effective is acupuncture for young athletes with tendon strains? For young athletes with partial tendon strains, acupuncture and herbal plasters can significantly accelerate recovery. If the tendon is fully torn, consultation with an orthopedist is recommended.

  • What about elders considering knee replacements? We start with 5 acupuncture sessions and reassess. In some cases, patients have experienced substantial improvement, going from using canes to walking up stairs with ease after 30-50 sessions. However, the effectiveness of the treatment becomes evident within the initial 5 visits. In some cases where joint damage is extensive, our approach may provide temporary pain relief until surgery is scheduled.


Facial Nerve Pain FAQs

  • Is Acupuncture effective for facial nerve pain? Yes, Acupuncture, especially when combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine, is highly effective. Typically, 6-12 treatments are sufficient to provide relief and alleviate the condition.


Shingles FAQs

  • Can Shingles be effectively treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine? Yes, Shingles, known for its severe pain, can be treated with a combination of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. While the herbal formulas may not be pleasant to drink, they are highly effective. While not all patients experience immediate and complete relief, almost every patient finds at least partial and significant relief from Shingles pain.

What Our Clients Say

"Dr Daniel healed my severe back pain in 3 sessions. His expertise is extraordinary, has a very caring and sensitive approach and is the best practitioner i have seen in the past 30 years. As a matter of fact, i now see him regularly for maintainance and am feeling stronger week by week."
Reiki Treatment
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