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If you're in pain or with chronic illness and nothing helps, you're who we're here to serve. 80% of our patients are out of options and try acupuncture as a last resort. The majority of them experience full recovery.


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Meet Daniel Rose L.Ac, Dipl. CHM

"There are people who slip through the cracks of the American medical system. People who have terrible pain or chronic illness and there seems to be no answer in the conventional medical world. They bounce from doctor to doctor and have no improvement. These patients come to our clinic after years of disappointment and struggle. These are the people who I joined this field to help. Chinese Medicine looks at the patient from a fresh perspective, and often has solutions to chronic pain and illness that conventional medicine overlooks. I believe that Western Biomedicine should be the standard of medical care in the world, but for the people it's not working for, our clinic is often the end of a long journey to relief and regaining a normal life."

-Daniel Rose, L.Ac

What Patients Say

Insurances Accepted

We accept out of network claims from the following providers. We provide a free report of your insurance benefits to see if you can use your insurance for treatments at the Azamra Acupuncture Clinic.

Empire Plan

United Health




Bluecross Blueshield


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We treat thousands of patients with pain and chronic illness. Almost all of them are satisfied. Try one appointment, and you'll see what it's all about. If you're not happy with the first appointment, we won't even charge you. There's nothing to lose. 

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