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Chinese Medicine

Our Services

We offer a range of holistic services to support your well-being, including acupuncture, herbal medicine consultations, access to our herbal pharmacy, cupping therapy, and lifestyle and nutritional counseling. Our skilled acupuncturists use traditional techniques to stimulate healing, while our consultations provide personalized herbal remedies. Explore our herbal pharmacy for a wide selection of natural products. Experience the benefits of cupping therapy for muscle tension relief, and let our lifestyle and nutritional counseling help you make positive changes in your daily life to promote overall health and wellness.

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Acupuncture FAQs

  • What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a proven practice using thin needles on specific points for healing.

  • Does Acupuncture Work? Yes, it's a well-established and effective treatment.

  • Is Acupuncture Painful? Generally not, with minimal discomfort and significant relief.

  • Is Acupuncture a Placebo? No, even in veterinary acupuncture, it's effective beyond the placebo effect.

  • How Many Treatments Do I Need? Depends on the condition; acute issues may need 2-3 sessions, chronic conditions may require more.

  • Do You Just Put Needles Wherever It Hurts? No, it's a specialized field based on precise points and diagnosis.

  • Can Acupuncture Cure Everything? While not a cure-all, it's highly effective for chronic and acute pain and complements other treatments for internal medicine conditions.


Chinese Herbal Pharmacy FAQs

  • Do you have an onsite Chinese Herbal Pharmacy? Yes, we offer an onsite pharmacy with over 150 herbal ingredients for customized formulas prepared while you wait or receive acupuncture.

  • Are your herbal products safe? Our products undergo thorough testing for over 200 pesticides and heavy metals, ensuring the highest quality and safety.

  • Why choose your Herbal Pharmacy? For the convenience of walking away from your appointment with customized prescriptions to suit your specific needs.

  • Who can access your Chinese Herbal Pharmacy? It's available to all of our patients as part of our comprehensive treatment approach.


Cupping FAQs

  • Do you offer Cupping therapy? Yes, we use glass suction cups to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow, and relieve pain.

  • How does Cupping benefit patients? Cupping is used to improve muscle relaxation, reduce inflammation, enhance blood circulation, and alleviate pain.

  • Is Cupping suitable for everyone? Cupping is generally suitable for individuals seeking these specific benefits, and our practitioners can determine its appropriateness for your condition.


Chinese Herbal Medicine FAQs

  • Why Herbal Medicine? Herbal medicine is a central part of Chinese Medicine, with a rich history of effectiveness. If we recommend it, it's because it's the best approach for your condition.

  • What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? It's the use of medicinal plants brewed into teas to promote healing.

  • Why Choose Herbal Medicine Over Conventional Medicine? When conventional treatments fall short, Chinese Medicine offers a different perspective and often provides lasting solutions.

  • Concerns About Herb-Drug Interactions? We address this issue with expertise, having undergone extensive training, including Herb/Drug interaction courses.

  • Conditions We Treat? Explore our website's Internal Medicine section for more details.


Medical Massage FAQs

  • Do you offer Medical Massage? Yes, we use Chinese Medicine massage techniques to reduce pain and enhance mobility.

  • What's the focus of your techniques? We specialize in targeted methods, not general relaxation, for specific pain relief and improved range of motion.

  • How does Medical Massage complement acupuncture? It provides a holistic approach to address pain and mobility issues effectively.

  • Is it suitable for everyone? Our techniques are designed for individuals seeking pain relief and improved mobility.


Lifestyle & Nutritional Counseling FAQs

  • Do you provide Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling? Yes, we offer counseling for diet, exercise, and emotional well-being.

  • How can it benefit patients? Our counseling addresses the need for lifestyle changes to enhance recovery, offering specific exercises, dietary advice, and Traditional Chinese techniques for emotional harmony and well-being.

  • Is Counseling necessary for all patients? Counseling is particularly helpful for those whose recovery is dependent on changes in diet, exercise, or emotional regulation. We tailor it to individual needs.

What Our Clients Say

Chinese Medicine
"Dr Daniel healed my severe back pain in 3 sessions. His expertise is extraordinary, has a very caring and sensitive approach and is the best practitioner i have seen in the past 30 years. As a matter of fact, i now see him regularly for maintainance and am feeling stronger week by week."
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