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Back Pain Part 3 of 3

The previous two posts were an attempt to explain some of the logic of Chinese Medicine applied to back pain. On the surface, talking about Kidney Qi and Water not nourishing Wood sounds ridiculous in modern medical world. But if we push our 21st century hubris aside, and examine the symbolic language of Chinese medicine in depth, we see a brilliant and clear perspective on the causes of back pain and many other diseases that are not accessible from a biomedical, scientific lens.


I firmly believe that Western Biomedicine is overall the best medical system in the world and should be the basic standard of healthcare. But there are perspectives that are missing from biomedicine and anyone who says otherwise is arrogantly foolish. My fascination with Chinese Medicine is that its symbolic language fills in many of the gaps missing in Western diagnosis and treatment. My specialty and passion as a practitioner is treating those patients who fall through the cracks of the biomedical system, the patients who bounce from specialist to specialist without answers for their medical maladies.


When we take a fresh look at these patients and analyze them with the perspective of yin-yang balance, the quality of their qi, and the interactions of the metaphorical 5 elements in their body: water, metal, earth, wood, and fire, we can identify patterns of dysfunction invisible to blood tests, MRI’s and endoscopies. With that knowledge, we can cure many diseases that confound otherwise excellent doctors and bring a full recovery to people who have nearly lost hope. That is the most meaningful thing I can imagine doing in my work. And it all starts with an open mind to Yin/Yang balance, Qi, and the 5 Elements.

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