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A Vertigo and Blocked Sinus Story

Cool things happen with Chinese Medicine. I recently got a new patient. She’s a successful, kind, intelligent young mother, unfortunately with breast cancer. She’s coming weekly for acupuncture to boost her energy and relive neuropathy and bone pain while she gets chemo and radiation. It’s working beautifully. All chemo patients should get acupuncture. It makes such a difference.


What’s funny, is that her stepfather drives her to every appointment. One week he asks if I can do anything for vertigo. His passion is motorcycles, but he can’t ride due to the dizziness. I give him about 25 packets of Chinese herbs. He takes them and not only does the vertigo clear up entirely, he also tells me that his sinuses are clear for the first time in a long time and he can breathe through his nose again. I didn’t even know that was a problem he had!


That’s a cool thing about Chinese Medicine. Since we’re treating the whole person and not just the symptoms, when we treat vertigo, we’ll also treat other issues that are coming from the same cause.


If you’re an herb nerd, here is the formula we used for his vertigo.


Chai Chen Ze Xie Tang (basically xiao chai hu tang + liu jun zi tang + ze xie tang)


Chai Hu 12

Huang Qin 6

Ban Xia 10

Dang Shen 12

Sheng Jiang 10

Da Zao 10

Bai Zhu 10

Fu Ling 12

Gan Cao 3

Chen Pi 10

Ze Xie 30

Bai Shao 12

Gou Teng 10 (add in last 10 minutes)

Ju Hua 10

Just ignore this next part.


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