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How to Stay Fat with Grape Tomatoes

Since the last blog covered cold ladies, I think it’s only fair we visit a similar case of the other gender. This morning I saw a man in his 60’s struggling with weight and chronic fatigue. Very nice guy, successful lawyer, very overweight. And what’s his diet? Almost all vegetables. The man lives on grape tomatoes, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. He eats them breakfast lunch and dinner, cold out of the fridge, and describes his appetite as a bottomless pit. There is no signal that tells him he’s full. He can keep eating forever. Now let’s think for a minute. What might cause his appetite to keep going without end? Pop Quiz! What do you think?

A: He’s starving while full of food, poor guy…

B: He’s just an emotional eater and needs a therapist

C: Dude just loves peas and carrots. Can’t stop himself.

If you answered C, you’re a jerk. If you answered B, you’ve read too many articles on psychology. Put them down. If you answered A, you’re correct. This man’s stomach is broken. It’s not absorbing nutrients, or eliminating waste. In fact, it eliminates the nutrients, and is too weak to process and excrete the waste so it turns into excess weight. If we can get his stomach working again, and his blood full of nutrients, this should turn on the satiation signal in his brain which will stop the overeating. With better nutritional absorption, his body will have the strength to break down and eliminate the fat and waste materials in his body.

So the first thing we need to do is get him off his raw veggie diet. You see, cold, raw vegetables are hard to break down and digest. Digestion is a process that depends on warmth in the stomach. So for his weak stomach, food has to be warm or it won’t work. And raw veggies are harder to break down that cooked. So he needs soft, cooked foods. We’ll switch him to the hot soups and stews diet, and add in some animal protein broth for strength and nutrition. We’ll give him Chinese Herbs to build up his digestion and help clean waste out of his body. And we’ll teach him some Qi-Gong exercises that won’t be too hard, but will get his metabolism flowing. Within a few months, if he’s a compliant patient, we should have his stomach back on track and all his symptoms reversing. I hope this is interesting to the readers… Oh! SEO keywords: Umm.. Pain, Better, Acupuncture, Healing, Natural, Cure, IBS….

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